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General Plot

The future holds many powers. One of which is the pirates. They disrupt anything peaceful and break as many laws as possible(by will.) The people trying to keep the mysterious serenity of space peaceful, are the Space Forces. Finally there are the outlaws. They don't chose sides, they mainly just travel space trying to avoid setbacks. Part of this group of outlaws are the main characters Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking. They own a fix-it shop on Continental 3. They run into some trouble when they cross paths with a woman named "Rachel." She is secretly carrying an "anderoid with emotions" named Melfina. Rachel is being chased by evil pirates trying to gain possesion of Melfina.
Thruoghout the episodes they also come across an overactive feline called Aisha, and an assassin named Suzuka. So Gene and Jim have their hands full trying to keep
Rachel and Melfina safe as well as dodging the pirates and keeping their ship, the Outlaw Star, safe.