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DownLoads/Clips, Sound, Mp3

On this page there will be sounds from the episodes, all the way from goku down to radditz!

Heres some of My OWN Techno music

Up and Down.mp3

Doesnt Matter.mp3

Heres some DBZ music

"Rock The Dragon"

"Rock The Dragon (Remix)"

"Song that plays when, Goku turns SS4"

"Dbz "Return" -Opening to DBGT"

"Cha-Cha-le-Cha-(Music only)"

Here are some SOUND DUB.

"Goku- "You dont act like any brother I'd want to have"

"Goku-"Im from outer space?"

"Frieza and Dodria talking"

"Frieza talking......agian"

"Some more words from Frieza"

"Frieza not having patience"

"Frieza talking some more"

"Frieza Laughing"

"Frieza-"nice landing I must say"

"Frieza being boss"


"Krilin-"Destrocto Disc!"

"Vegeta-"Big Bang Attack!"

"goku-done training"

"Some words of wisdom from Vegeta"

"Goku telling Krilin, "Whats up?""

"goku guessing who Trunks' Father is"


"goku-Kame-hameha (Remix) (made myself^_^)

"Kaoken x 10"

"Piccolo-Bring It On!"

"Goku saying "I feel strong enough to take on 10 vegetas"

"Vegeta- "goku huh, who is he? Is he very strong"

"Vegeta - Hot head....."

"Krilin - If I die, i can be wished back by the Dragon balls"

"Goku-his tale, thats his weakness..."

Goku- "I guess I shouldn't have eaten all that pund cake"

Here are some Music Vids, these are from other websites, and I do NOT want to take credit for em, if you want to visit the site that I got em from , visit the "Links" page of this site:) These Vids are in Realplayer Format.

Final Fantasy Tribute Movie

This movie, consists of Clips of FF4-10, very well done, I should say, it was made by ME!!!

Vegetas Pride

Vegetas Pride- I made THIS one allll by myself, I hope you enjoy it. It goes with the song "Last Resort" by Papa Roach, and the title says the rest. -5.67 Mbs

"Dbz clip, It goes to Blink 182, "Don't Leave Me", Its one of my favs!"

4.32 Megs

"Dragon Ball Z Intro"

3.20 Megs

"Dragula, by Rob Zombie" It focuses on the Cell Battle.

5.43 Megs

Goku being hit, where NO MAN should ever be hit...heh

358 KB

CLip of Gohan vs. Broly

1.61 Mbs

Trunks vs. Tien

1.61 Mbs

Clip to "American Badass" By Kid Rock.(very well done)